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Tax surcharges beginning to fund CPA projects in Boston
By Colin A. Young | State House News | July 10, 2018
…the committee prioritized projects that will have a visible impact in the neighborhoods. . . . . Research Bureau

City Council is increasingly showing its independence from Mayor Walsh
By Milton J.Valencia | The Boston Globe | July 6, 2018
. . .It’s a more progressive council; it’s a council that is going to flex its muscle a bit more perhaps than we’ve seen in the past . . . . .Research Bureau

Next Boston school superintendent needs to be a strong manager, say experts

By Kathleen McKiernan | The Boston Herald | July 1, 2018
    …that is one of the lessons we learned, this isn’t a job for someone who hasn’t been a superintendent for a few years . . . . . Research Bureau

Council approves Boston spending plan amid concerns of lack of power
By Milton J. Valencia | The Boston Globe | June 28, 2018
    With employee costs representing almost 70 percent of the budget, the city must be vigilant in managing its personnel expenses . . . . .Research Bureau

Boston councilors give raises to themselves, Marty Walsh
By Kathleen McKiernan | The Boston Herald | June 28, 2018
    The city should exert tight control over employee head count and be tough in contract negotiations . . . . .Research Bureau

Experts at hearing agree Boston city officials should get raise
By Jamie Halper | The Boston Globe | June 22, 2018
    …the salary evaluation process was working just as the bureau had envisioned years ago when it recommended creating the Compensation Advisory Board…. Research Bureau

Mayor Marty Walsh wants pay raises for Boston City Council, himself
By Antonio Planas | Boston Herald | June 12, 2018
    The city needs to be able to draw and retain top-notch talent … Research Bureau

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