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Housing Created from Sale of City-Owned Parcels

Housing/Parcel Disposition Initiative
What If Boston Adopts the CPA?
Next Teachers’ Contract Must Be About Reform
Collective Bargaining
City of Boston Adopts Balanced FY17 Budget
City Employee Levels Decreased in 2015

5/3/201616-3 Boston’s Taxable Value Grows to $128 BillionProperty Values
4/3/201616-2The True Cost of Boston’s Charter SchoolsCharter Schools
3/3/201616-1 Boston Public Schools Human Capital InitiativeSchools
5/20/201515-3 Boston’s Taxable Value Surpasses $100 Billion Property Values
5/7/201515-2Inside the Boston Public Schools’ BudgetBPS Finances
3/12/201515-1 Boston Employee Levels Increase for Third YearPersonnel
12/31/201414-3Revisiting Boston’s Pension SystemPension
12/02/201414-2Boston Employee Levels Increase for Second YearEmployee Levels
07/14/201414-1State Senate Should Approve the Education Reform BillSchools
09/18/201313-5Charter Seat Growth Should Drive BPS ReformBPS Charter Schools EDUCATION
09/10/201313-4The Importance of Economic Development in BostonHeavy Reliance on the Property Tax make development a high priority
05/09/201313-3Boston Employee Levels Increase in 2012Personnel
04/02/201313-2Bostons Tax Values Reach Highest Level in Four YearsAssessed values & tax rate
01/04/201313-1Boston's New PILOT Program Completes First YearTax Exempt
11/05/201212-7Boston Teachers Contract Settled for 2010-2016School Contract
09/11/201212-6BPS-BTU Contract Reform: Compensation IncentivesSchool Collective Bargaining
06/28/201212-5High Stakes for Final Teachers ContractBPS-BTU Collective Bargaining 2012
05/22/201212-4Bostons Taxable Values Increase in FY12Assessed value in Boston
04/10/201212-3Boston Personnel Levels Remain Flat in 2011Employee levels
03/20/201212-2BPS-BTU Contract: Teacher Transfer & ReassignmentsSchool: Teacher Assignment
01/02/201212-1BPS and BTU Far Apart on Salary PlansCollective Bargaining - BTU Contract Negotitations
09/15/201111-3Charter Schools Set to Expand in BostonSchools
06/13/201111-2Bostons Base Values Decline in FY11Property Tax/Assessed Values
03/21/201111-1Employee Drop Enables Boston to Meet Tight BudgetsEmployee Levels
10/28/201010-2Question 3 Threatens City ServicesFinances
06/01/201010-1Fire Arbitration Award Should Not Be ApprovedFire Contract
08/06/200909-3Boston Approves Balanced FY10 Budget: City may face more difficult financial challenges in FY11Finances
06/03/200909-2Change for Mayors $2.4Billion FY10 BudgetFinances
10/20/200909-1Personnel Level Unsustainable Amid Fiscal StressPersonnel
10/27/200808-3Question 1 Threatens Basic City ServicesFinance
07/22/200808-2Rising Personnel Costs are Cause for ConcernEmployees
01/16/200808-1Time for Drug Testing for FirefightersFire
10/02/200707-4Boston’s Property Taxes In Limbo: Legislature should restore classification law to pre-2004 statusAssessing
07/10/200707-3Bostons Classification At Crossroads: The Business Tax Ceiling Should be Reduced to 175% in FY08Assessments
06/25/200707-2Bostons Employee Earnings in 2006: Higher Earnings Put More Focus on the Affordability of Generous BenefitsSalaries
04/26/200707-1Caution Ahead - Bostons Rising Personnel CostsPersonnel
07/26/200606-3Boston’s FY07 Budget Is Set, Concerns LoomCity Finance
05/22/200606-2Bostons Property Values Trend Closer: Further Tax Shift To Residential Property Still LikelyAssessments
03/15/200606-1Bostons Personnel Spending Surges Despite Employee CutsPersonnel
07/13/200505-2Bostons $2 Billion Budget: Employee Driven Spending Causes Tight OperationsCity Finance
02/15/200505-1Bostons Tax Levy Shift ContinuesAssessments
07/07/200404-4Bostons Fiscal 2005 Budget - Limited Growth Goes To Contracts, BenefitsCity Finance
05/11/200404-3Bostons Workforce At Lowest Level In Seven YearsEmployees
04/29/200404-2Funding Bostons Collective Bargaining ContractsCollective Bargaining
01/08/200404-1Bostons Shifting Tax Burden in Fiscal 2004: The potential Impact to Homeowners & BusinessesClassification
12/01/200303-8Bostons Shrinking WorkforceEmployees
08/06/200303-7Restorations Stabilize Bostons FY04 BudgetCity Finances
05/27/200303-6New Quinn Bill Reform Depends On SenatePolice
05/19/200303-5Bostons FY04 Recommended Budget: Basic Services Provided, State Aid May GrowCity Finances
04/30/200303-4Fiscal 2004 School Budget Scaled Back: Core Academics Will Be MaintainedSchool Finance
04/28/200303-3Time To Replace The Quinn Bill Police
04/03/200303-2Boston Halts Workforce GrowthEmployees
01/31/200303-1Setting Boston's Fiscal 2003 Tax Rates Creates Levy ShiftCity Finances
07/10/200202-3Boston’s FY 2003 Budget: Tighter But Still Full ServiceCity Finance
06/18/200202-2Boston in FY2003: Setting Priorities & Managing BetterCity Finances
02/01/200202-1Implementing The Boston Teachers’ Contract: Process Is Generally Successful But Key Opportunities MissedUnion Contract
12/17/200101-5Do You Know The Facts About Boston?Facts
11/14/200101-4First Steps Taken For Fire Department Reform.: A Costly Framework is Set—Management Must Now Respond.Fire
10/31/200101-3CPA: Well Meaning But Not Good Public PolicyHousing
10/25/200101-2Community Preservation Act in Boston: Imperfect Act Comes At Difficult TimeHousing
05/15/200101-1Improving The Boston Fire Department: A Three Step Approach to Bring About Needed ChangeFire
10/31/200000-3Managing The Teachers’ Contract: City Pays to Improve Hiring Flexibility, Implementation Now KeyUnion Contract
10/06/200000-2Hiring Flexibility Needed in BTU Contract: Internal Hiring Process Too Rigid, Remains Key Obstacle in School ReformUnion Contract
05/17/200000-1Boston FY 2001 Budget: Challenges of Managing in a Time Of Higher Expectations.City Finance
06/02/199999-1Boston’s FY 2000 Budget:  Grows Despite State Aid ShiftCity Finance
06/02/199999-2FY 2000 School Department Budget Financial Uncertainly Looms—BPS to Implement New Transition ProgramsSchool Finance
11/05/199898-4Boston’s Linkage Program:  A New Approach To Managing Linkage Funds For Housing and Job TrainingLinkage
04/08/199898-3Raising The Bar For Education In Boston Stakes Are High for Students, Teachers and TaxpayersSchools
03/09/199898-2The Funding Of A Convention Center Financing is Feasible for BostonConvention Center
01/07/199898-1Don’t Handcuff Boston’s Police CommissionerPolice
10/20/199797-4The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center: Financing Is Sufficiently Secure; City is More at RiskConvention Center
06/09/1997No.97-3FACT SHEET FY 1998 School Budget At A GlanceSchools
06/09/199797-3The FY 1998 School Department Budget ~ Time for Multi-Year Investment To Show ResultsSchool Finances
03/25/199797-2The Ups and Downs of Boston’s WorkforceEmployees
01/23/199797-1Comparing Boston’s School Committee StructureSchools
07/30/199696-4Boston Medical Center/The Right Choice But The Real Work Is Just BeginningHospital
06/13/199696-3FY 1997 BPS Budget: What does $468.9 million buy?School Finance
05/23/199696-2Boston FY 1997 Budget: Poised for Change?City Finance
02/26/199696-1City Post Large Increase In WorkforceEmployees
11/13/199595-5Boston School Budget: Fiscal Challenges This Year, Budget Changes Next YearSchool Finance
07/21/199595-4The City of Boston’s FY 1996 BudgetCity Finance
06/29/199595-3The New Boston Public Health Network Should be ApprovedHospital
03/22/199595-2Test Your Knowledge of BostonFacts
03/14/199595-1City of Boston’s Workforce Increases by 297 in 1994Employees
12/19/199494-8Salary Raise Ordinances Should be AmendedSalaries
11/29/199494-7New Schools in Boston: Charter and Pilot OptionsSchools
10/31/199494-6Research Bureau Opposes Question Question 1: Regulating Spending On Ballot Question CampaignsElection
08/17/199494-5The Politics and Process of Pay Raises for City Council and MayorSalaries
07/22/199494-4The City of Bostons FY 1995 Budget The Menino Administration Puts Its Imprint On City GovernmentCity Finance
03/25/199494-3City Budget Is Balanced, Structural Gap RemainsCity Finance
02/28/199494-2City of Bostons Workforce Continues To DeclineEmployees
02/09/199494-1The Impact of Boston City Hospital In Securing Bostons Financial Health - Conclusions From A Financial AssessmentHospital
10/27/199393-1Change, Yes -- Fundamental Change, No ~ 1993 Mayoral Candidates Response to Bostons Financial SituationElection
12/14/199292-4Boston Ends FY 1992 With A SurplusCity Finance
06/04/199292-3Bostons FY 1993 Budget, Where The Money Comes From, Where The Money GoesCity Finance
05/20/199292-2Boston Facts & Figures TestFacts
02/19/199292-1Bostons Work Force Declines in Each Of The Last Three YearsEmployees
11/06/199191-5City Slow Off The Block In Reducing Work ForceEmployees
08/01/199191-4Recent Local Aid Cuts Put Bostons Budget Out of BalanceCity Finance
07/25/199191-3Boston Personnel Update - A Look After Six Months of 1991Employees
04/04/199191-2Bostons Budget Problem In FY 1992City Finance
03/21/199191-1Bostons Work Force Declines For Second Consecutive YearEmployees
10/31/199090-5The Impact of Question 3 on the City of BostonTaxes
09/06/199090-4Bureau Reaffirms Support for Appointed School CommitteeSchools
07/02/199090-3The Boston Facts & Figures TestFacts
05/04/199090-2Bostons Work Force Decreased in 1989: More Cuts To Come in 1990Employees
02/17/199090-1Collective Bargaining Forces Difficult Choices for BostonUnion Contract - City Finance
07/26/198989-4Bureau Supports Appointed School CommitteeSchools
05/09/198989-3Bostons Work force levels Off After Two Years of Rapid GrowthEmployees
04/06/198989-2The City of Boston and The Proposition 2 1/2 Limit(s)Proposition 2 1/2
03/15/198989-1Boston Faces Tough Budget Challenge in 1990City Finance
12/16/198888-6Management of Bostons OvertimeCity Finance
10/18/198888-5Bo$ton By The NumbersFacts
06/02/198888-4Time to Revise School Budget and Funding StrategySchool Finance
03/14/198888-3City Must exercise Caution in Adding New Employees to PayrollEmployees
02/08/198888-2The School Department Budget: A Moving TargetSchool Finance
01/05/198888-1Managing Attendance Should Continue to be a High PriorityEmployees
10/21/198787-4Boston Moves to Improve School Governance and AccountabilitySchools
09/17/198787-3City Increased Work Force in FY 1987Employees
06/24/198787-2The Facts and Figures of Bostons GovernmentFacts
05/08/198787-1FY 1988 School BudgetSchool Finance
12/19/198686-5The Spiraling School BudgetSchool Finance
07/17/198686-4Boston Salary Structure Needs Periodic ReviewSalaries
06/12/198686-3Boston School Departments FY 1987 Preliminary BudgetSchool Finance
03/13/198686-1Boston Personnel Changes In 1985Employees
10/02/198585-3Boston Facts & FiguresFacts
05/28/198585-2Scope Of Bostons Fiscal Problem (Part II)City Finance
04/23/198585-1Scope Of Bostons Fiscal Problem (Part I)City Finance
12/14/198484-10Bostons Personnel Reduction ProgramEmployees
09/25/198484-9Four Stage Plan Needed To Address Long-Range Revenue ImbalancesCity Finance
08/02/198484-8Bostons First Billion Dollar Budget Faces Large ShortfallCity Finance
07/30/198484-7Reexamining the Role, Compensation & Staffing of the Boston School CommitteeSchool
07/26/198484-6Flynn Administration Personnel Reductions After 6 MonthsEmployees
05/17/198484-5The Boston School Budget for FY 1985: Debate Between Strengthening Programs & The Citys Ability to PaySchool Finance
04/26/198484-4The Flynn Administration and First Quarter Personnel Changes: A Good First Step Better Reporting NeededEmployees
03/22/198484-3City Council Needs Strong Central StaffCity Council
02/17/198484-2Spending-Down Nonessential Reserves - An UpdateCity Finance
01/12/198484-1A Deficit in the MakingCity Finance
09/16/198383-6Personnel Reductions Needed to Address ShortfallsEmployees
08/30/198383-5A Fiscal Affairs Agenda For the Next MayorElection
07/27/198383-4Boston Faces Estimated Shortfall This YearCity Finance
04/29/198383-3Questions For The Candidates For Mayor, 1983Election
03/29/198383-2The Boston City Budget At the Three Quarter MarkCity Finance
03/11/198383-1Changes In Bostons Personnel LevelsEmployees
11/17/198282-9Getting Bostons Solid Waste Out of the DumpsPublic Works
10/26/198282-8Down the Homestretch on Revaluation & ClassificationAssessments
09/02/198282-7Not Out of the Woods Yet - Financial Problems Coming in FY 1984 Require Budgets Cuts NowCity Finance
07/16/198282-6The Mayors FY 1983 Budget RecommendationsCity Finance
05/14/198282-5The State of the Boston Public Schools Part 4 -- School StaffingSchool Employees
02/26/198282-3Bostons Personnel Reduction Program: Good Efforts After One Year Should Be MaintainedEmployees
02/10/198282-2The State of Boston Public Schools A Pessimistic Diagnosis by the Numbers Part III -- School FacilitiesSchools
01/12/198282-11982 Tax Rate: $230.90 -- The Other Side of Proposition 2 1/2 -- A Cut of $4.80Taxes
10/12/198181-12Boston Faces $30 Million Appropriation DeficitCity Finance
09/17/198181-11The State of the Boston Public Schools Park II -- Pupil EnrollmentsSchools
09/16/198181-10Bostons 1981 Personnel Reduction Program A Second Look after Six MonthsEmployees
09/01/198181-9The State of the Boston Public Schools Part I – FinancesSchools
08/10/198181-8Recycling Surplus SchoolsSchools
07/28/198181-7What Can Be Done To Control School SendingSchools
07/17/198181-6Boston Ends FY1981 With Strong Cash PositionCity Finance
06/16/198181-5Bostons 1981 Personnel Reduction ProgramEmployees
05/21/198181-4Bostons School System In Crisis: How Should It Be RestructuredSchools
04/10/198181-3Time For Boston To Call In Its Markers From The StateCity Finance
02/16/198181-2School Absenteeism - Its Not just for Kids AnymoreSchool Employees
01/28/198181-1Can Boston Service the First-Year Impact of Proposition 2 1/2?City Finance/ Proposition 2 1/2
12/30/19801011981 Tax Rate: $272.70 But On The Way DownTaxes
12/16/1980100Time To Pay The PiperCity Finance
11/25/198099Stronger Financial Control System Needed For BostonSchool Finance
10/27/198098Proposition 2 1/2: Impact on BostonProposition 2 1/2
10/07/198097City of Boston Employees -- How Many Are There?Employees
09/03/198096Mayor and School Committee Must Compromise On School BudgetSchool Finance
05/12/198095State Rental of County Court Facilities: A Case of Injustice to Cities and TownsCity Finance
05/01/198094Condominium Conversion in Boston: A Significant Tax Benefit to the CityTaxes
12/28/197993Boston School Department Central Reorganization II: More People, Increased Costs During 17 Month ProcessSchool Finance
12/05/197992Personnel, Spending Must be Cut To Avoid Another City Budget DeficitEmployees
10/25/1979911980 Tax Rate: $252.90 For The Last TimeTaxes
10/04/197990Boston Does It Again: Budget Overspent by $18.3 Million in FY 1979City Finance
08/09/197989Boston School Department Central Reorganization: Promised Savings Not Yet Met; Personnel and Costs IncreasedSchool Finance
07/25/197988Questions for the CandidatesElection
06/22/197987House and Senate Budgets: A $9 Tax Rate for BostonTaxes
05/08/197986Boston Water and Sewer Commission Underrated: Inherited Financial and Operational Problems Being AddressedWater & Sewer
04/27/197985Balance Sheet on the Citys Audit: No Change In The Bottom Line for TaxpayersCity Finance
03/20/197984If It Takes Forever, The Court Wont Wait For You: Boston School Committee Again Postpones School ClosingsSchools
02/22/197983Nobody Does It Like You, Boston: Problems with the Budget Appropriation and Expenditure Control SystemCity Finance
11/28/197882Bostons Sick Leave Program: The $16.3 Million Patient is in Serious Condition and Requires Constant SupervisionEmployees
10/17/1978811979 Tax Rate Stays at $252.90 for Third YearTaxes
09/12/197880Bostons State Legislators: The Record for 1977-1978Election
09/01/197878Its August First: Do You Know What Your Budget Is?City Finance
08/28/197879City Can Cut Tax Rate in FY 1979 by $4-5, Bureau StatesTaxes
07/14/197877Tax-Exempt Property a Boston Burden: State and Private Payments in Lieu of Taxes NeededTax Exempt Property
05/12/197876Boston School Superintendent May Get Real Management Power: School Reorganization Plan Passes Committee, City CouncilSchools
04/27/197875Boston Taken for a Ride: Growing MBTA deficit Allocated UnfairlyCity Finance
03/21/197874Ignoring the Problem of Excess Schools: The Inadequacy of the Unified Facilities PlanSchools
03/07/197873City Payroll Trimmed by 1,118 in 1977 -- With a Little HelpEmployees
01/23/197872City Council Vote: Will the Charles Street Jail Issue Finally be Resolved?County Corrections
11/14/197771Facing Up to the Problem of Excess Schools: Why Nineteen Boston Elementary Schools Should be Closed NowSchools
11/07/197770Bureau Supports Strengthened Finance CommissionCity Finance
09/30/1977691978 Tax Rate Stays at $252.90--Heres WhyTaxes
09/12/197768City's Spending Reduction Program Falls Short of GoalCity Finance
08/15/197767Watch-Dog Days ReportCity Finance
06/29/197766City Fiscal Year Ends with Good News, Bad NewsCity Finance
05/19/197765Water and Sewer Services: A Financial Drain On BostonWater & Sewer
05/04/197764Theres No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: The Bostons School Lunch ProgramSchools
03/03/197763Compulsory and Binding Arbitration: A Costly ExperimentUnion Contract