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Don’t Settle Teachers’ Contract Without Bold Reform

After 15 months of negotiations between the BPS & BTU it’s important to remember that this contract is the vehicle to bring bold reform to Boston. Both sides need to focus on reforms that will provide students with a quality education and help Boston become more competitive with charter schools. Improving teacher quality is the single most important strategy to increasing student achievement. (read more . . .)


Boston’s Pension Liability Declines

The Boston Retirement System’s unfunded actuarial accrued liability decreased to $1.48B, down from $1.69B. The funded portion of the BRS actuarial liability increased from 70.2% to 74.9%. Continuing with an aggressive funding schedule will keep Boston on the path to reach full funding by 2025. (read more . . .)

Boston Buildings

Fiscal 2017 Tax Rates Set

Strong growth in existing property value and even greater new growth from building construction and change in property tax status have combined to increase Boston’s total taxable value to $143.9B. New growth is expected to add $75M in tax revenue for Boston. (read more . . .)