Boston Municipal Research Bureau


Wage Disparity Under Review by Walsh Administration

The Walsh Administration is studying the issue of wage disparity in Boston starting with a March report on the topic by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). Mayor Walsh appointed a Minimum Wage Task Force in April to study the feasibility of increasing the Minimum Wage in Boston to $15.00. The Mayor has already endorsed $15.00 at the state level. (continued . . .)


Workforce Decreased in 2015

June 9, 2016 – During the second year of the Walsh Administration employee levels dropped 159 to 16,956. This decline occurred proportionally across the City. The three largest departments (School, Police, and Fire) represent 78% of the city workforce and account for 73% of the citywide decrease. This drop comes after three consecutive years of an increasing workforce (+943) Read Full Report>


Property Values Reach $128B

MAY 3, 2016 – Boston relies on the property tax for almost 70% of revenues. A Research Bureau Special Report examines the factors that contributed to the fiscal 2016 property value increase and tax rates such as tax base growth, Proposition 2½ and classification – driving general fund revenues. Read Full Report>