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Next Teachers’ Contract Must Be About Reform

The outcome of the current contract negotiations between the BPS & BTU will decide one of the most important policy issues for Boston in 2016. A BMRB Special Report, details how public education in Boston is at a crossroads and the outcome of this contract will go a long way in determining the future of Boston’s Schools. At stake is the ability of the BPS to be more competitive with charter schools in improving student achievement. This contract can be the vehicle to put the BPS on a more level playing field by increasing teacher quality and extending learning time. Full Report>


City of Boston Adopts Balanced FY17 Budget

Boston’s FY17 budget has been set at $2.975B, an increase of $118.0M or 4.1%. Spending for employees is budgeted at $2.010B or 68% of the budget and represents 78% of the total operational budget increase. Since the Mayor’s original submission in April, $4.68 million more has been added to the BPS budget. Grant funds total $322.7M and the City’s five-year capital plan totals $1.91B, with borrowing expected to increase by 11%. Full Report>


Wage Disparity Under Review by Walsh Administration

The Walsh Administration is studying the issue of wage disparity in Boston starting with a March report on the topic by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). Mayor Walsh appointed a Minimum Wage Task Force in April to study the feasibility of increasing the Minimum Wage in Boston to $15.00. The Mayor has already endorsed $15.00 at the state level. (continued . . .)